Track Record

The cumulative performance of the EquityMultiple portfolio.

EquityMultiple is focused on preservation of investor capital and presenting a diverse array of high-quality real estate investments that have passed rigorous screening and due diligence.

We are committed to transparency. Our Track Record is regularly updated to show the aggregate performance of the EquityMultiple portfolio.

Total Net Historical Returns

Weighted average net IRR of all realized investments, including debt, preferred equity and equity.

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Total Project Value

All-in cost of all transactions offered by EquityMultiple since inception.

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Invested to Date

Total amount invested in EquityMultiple offerings by our nationwide investor network.

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*Last updated on 6/21/22

Geographic Concentration of Our Portfolio

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Exited Investments
Cumulative IRR -
Exited Investments
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Total Invested
Number of Properties

Investor Distributions

Gross Distributions To
EquityMultiple Investors
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Cumulative investor distributions shown through the end of the last full quarter
Gross Distributions to Investors refers to the sum of any interest, preferred return or income distributions, sale gains, and return of capital after deduction of fees and investment related expenses, excluding tax withholding. Reflects distributions through the end of the last full calendar quarter.

Property Type Concentration

Investments to Date

Capital Stack Breakdown

Investments to Date

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& Lending Partners
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