Whitepaper: The Life Cycle of an EquityMultiple Investment

June 3, 2021
By Rachel Martinez

The heart of EquityMultiple’s business and value to our investors is the Real Estate Team—a data-driven, cross-disciplinary group with deep experience.

The Real Estate Team consists of two groups: Investments, and Asset Management, which together span the full life cycle of an EquityMultiple investment.

In this whitepaper, you’ll learn more about how both teams operate, and how these services add value above and beyond what investment platforms typically provide. We’ll also share two case studies of recent COVID-19 era investments that exemplify how we work with sponsors to ensure the best outcomes for all parties involved.

  1. Procedures & protocols to safeguard your investments
  2. Technology-Enabled Asset Management (TEAM)
  3. Case studies of COVID-19 era investments

Download this exclusive whitepaper to learn more.


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