Release Notes: the New Portfolio Page

July 14, 2021
EquityMultiple Portfolio Page Overview

How Does Our Product & Engineering Team Prioritize Work? 

We take a customer-centric approach to planning, prioritizing, and building new features for the EquityMultiple platform. To continually improve, we ask our investors directly for feedback. We also monitor implicit feedback in the form of heat mapping and other user data within the platform.

Much of what we do is behind the scene and less visible, such as continually working to ensure that customer data and our systems are secure, and that investment data is accurate. Our new Portfolio Page is a more visible enhancement that will offer tangible benefits as you navigate the EquityMultiple platform. 

Why We Upgraded the Portfolio Page

Investment performance and portfolio construction can be viewed in many ways. As our portfolio of investments has grown in breadth, we have gathered input from our investors as to the most desired performance views. These changes were made to offer investors more meaningful and comprehensive insight on portfolio performance. 

EquityMultiple Portfolio Page

Components of the New Portfolio Overview

Earnings Tables

The earnings table is a new component which aggregates earnings into two sums: current year, and prior years. This table can easily be filtered by pre-cashflowing, cash-flowing, or repaid investments. The earnings table presents a more granular view of performance on an investment-by-investment basis.

Account View

Many of our investors have two or more investment accounts through which they have made investments. You may have different portfolio construction considerations or return targets for different investment accounts. Hence, we built this view to allow you to quickly see performance at the account level, and to dive into each investment account for more detail.


We encourage all investors to diversify their EquityMultiple portfolio across offering types and property types. The Diversification charts allow you to see the breakdown of your real estate portfolio across these key dimensions.


EquityMultiple seeks to provide you guidance as you continue to build your portfolio, with both dedicated investor support and educational materials. The Resources section allows you to instantly access our Investor Relations Team and to tap into select educational resources from our Resource Center. 

Investment View

The investment view gives you the 360-degree details of your individual investment. It consolidates investment updates by our Asset Management Team, payment activity like distributions, and documents like your subscription agreement. It also provides a snapshot of key information from the original offering memorandum to easily compare to actuals.

Filter Payment Activity and Account Statements

Investors can filter payment activity and account statements by transfer or effective date. Tracking by transfer date on a cash basis is a useful way for investors to track tax liability and estimated tax payments. Tracking by effective date helps with bank reconciliation and performance calculations.

What’s Next?

While these enhancements are a substantial improvement to your Portfolio page, our work is not done and we are already planning future improvements. In the near future we plan on making the following additional enhancements to the Portfolio page

  • More personalization: Our goal is to make your Portfolio page an interactive, actionable guide to real estate portfolio construction. We will be rolling out personalization features, such as curated recommendations, in future development cycles. 
  • Total financial insight: We are working with our Operations Team to improve transparency. Top of mind is clearly showing allocation of fees down to the investment level. Additionally, on certain types of investments, we’d like to show unrealized gains, such as accrued income.

Again, investor feedback is our guiding light – we appreciate any and all feedback on these enhancements as well as recommendations for future platform improvements.

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